The globally interoperable
e-invoicing platform for banks

In B2B relations, no payment occurs without an invoice or receipt: invoice data has all data necessary to initiate a payment.

Integration of invoicing and payments is an important step delivering value to B2B customers, especially SMEs, who struggle with e-invoice processing.

Automatic receipt and processing of e-invoices is not solved due as there is a variety of e-invoice formats, and SMEs do not have the resources to develop processes for each e-invoice format sent to them.

By sticking to manual processing they miss the chance of 60-80% savings which can be realized on invoice processing costs compared to paper invoicing.

Invoice HUB is an 80% ready-made white label software product, which is to be integrated into the internet bank to provide invoice related services for SMEs as a value added service.

Complete functionality for:

 Customer and supplier invoice management:

  1. Receiving and processing supplier invoices
  2. User interface for paper based/pdf invoices together with OCR
  3. Issuing tax regulation compliant e-invoices in any tax jurisdiction
  4. Easy integration with ERP/accounting/invoicing systems

Integration with payment systems:

  1. One-click invoice payment generated from invoice data
  2. Matching invoice data with payment data

 All required back office functions: 

  1. Registration, subscription management and authentication
  2. Ready-made functionality may be customised: processes can be built up in the system that are compatible with the bank’s or PSPs existing processes.


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