VIDEOS: Perspectives on covid-19 and the payment sector

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the global payments ecosystem. Mohamed Dabo prepared the following video presentations giving a variety of points of view on how covid-19 is changing the digital payments sector

The CEO of a French multinational corporation, an African government minister, and a New York-based business strategist are among five who share their perspectives on how the global pandemic is affecting the sector.

Coronavirus impact on payments and fintechs:

L’Oréal CEO Jean-Paul Agon: “E-commerce growth will help offset [the economic impact of] the coronavirus crisis”

The impact of covid-19 on digital commerce:

Juniper Research Lead Analyst Nick Maynard: “Three sectors will feel a major impact: contactless payments, digital ticketing and E-commerce”.

Covid-19’s impact on fintechs:

Dushyant “D” Shahrawat, CFA, Strategic Insights & Advisory, FinTech Investment Banking, Rosenblatt Securities: The game changer is that “there was no large fintech sector around in 2008, unlike what we have today.”

Asia: the covid-induced surge in contactless payments

Contacless payments in Vietnam: “People are switching to contactless payments to avoid contact with money”

Africa:  how covid-19 is shaping the E-commerce sector

Case study: Rwanda

Albert Munyabuyingo, founder of food-delivery startup Vuba Vuba: “We’re seeing an increasing trend [in revenue generation] on a daily basis”.

Josephine Nyiranzeyimana, government chief information officer: “At this point in time, we’re all learning, governments and private actors alike”.